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What Is RehabZone?

The RehabZone is an exciting, live exhibition that takes place each year in the UCT exhibit hall. While there is nothing like the real-time, hands-on experience the RehabZone offers each year, this website is continually updated to share the many trenchless technologies available to assess, maintain and rehabilitate underground infrastructure, as well as provide resources to inform and educate about advancing technologies, 24/7.

Complete with a museum-quality, historical display of infrastructure from yesteryear, the RehabZone enables attendees to compare and contrast historical sewer artifacts with current technologies. Conveyance systems have come a long way in 200+ years!

This walk-through exhibit focuses on trenchless rehabilitation including innovative technologies, installation techniques, live demonstrations, and opportunities for hands-on technology test-drives in a “no-sales” environment.  More information about RehabZone and UCT can be found at

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