The RehabZone, exclusive to the Underground Infrastructure Conference & Exhibition (UIC), is the original hands-on, interactive educational experience for the sewer and water industry and continues to be an overwhelming favorite among UIC attendees. Commonly called “The ‘Zone”, this exhibit includes exciting live demonstrations and is located in the UIC exhibit hall. Complete with a museum-quality, historical display of infrastructure from yesteryear, this dedicated interactive “arena” enables attendees to learn and experience the latest in trenchless technologies. The products and technologies available for sewer collection system rehabilitation and replacement have come a long way over the last 200+ years, and the RehabZone is one place to see it all.

The RehabZone is presented and funded  by contributions from current and past UCT exhibitors, sponsoring industry organizations such as NASSCO, and participating companies.

The ‘Zone takes the educational missions of UIC to the next level with the addition of new technologies, live demonstrations, skill challenges, emerging technologies and a variety of products available for the pipeline rehabilitation industry.

Download the 2023 RehabZone Technology Guide