The panoramic mainline CCTV systems use specially designed wide-angle cameras. As the system moves through the pipeline, the integrated high-power strobes flash and the cameras capture images of the pipe wall. After inspection the data is compiled to create a complete 360° view of the pipeline. Users can then move through this virtual pipeline, take measurements and log defects. These types of cameras do not need to stop as they move through the pipeline and can inspect at speeds up to 70 feet per minute without motion blur.

The panoramic type manhole inspection systems feature inspection speeds of up to 14” per second, 100% coverage, geometric measurements from any point inside the manhole from 300 up to 2000 feet of cable, and pipe capabilities from 10” diameter and up. The software allows you to view the manhole from any angle, at any position creating a “virtual-reality” style view of the manhole. This file can be viewed from any computer, anytime. The system also automatically generates a three-dimensional model of the inside of the manhole that can be rotated, viewed, measured or output to a CAD file for further analysis.

Panoramic camera improvements allow for accurate measurement of 3D features in the structure. Giving more accurate information to the end user, applications include inlet and outlet measurement and a 3-D measurement option whereby all of the items inside the asset can be visually seen, and measurement of any part of the structure can be achieved using the point cloud. All measured assets can be seen within the entire structure.