The Event

Join us March 19-21, 2024 – Oklahoma City, OK!

The RehabZone is an exciting, live exhibition taking place in the UCT exhibit hall. Complete with a museum-quality, historical display of infrastructure from yesteryear, this dedicated interactive “arena” enables attendees to compare and contrast with current technologies. The sewer system has come a long way in 200+ years!

This walk-through exhibit focuses on trenchless rehabilitation including innovative technologies, installation techniques, live demonstrations, and opportunities for hands-on technology test-drives. Upon entering, every visitor receives a valuable and complimentary Technology Guide.

The RehabZone for 2024

What’s featured in The RehabZone?  Back by popular demand is the safety section and the Cutter Challenge, a highly competitive test of skills. There will be an area set aside in the ‘Zone for lateral re-connection cutting with a few different cutter systems available.  During the competition attendees will be able to compete against each other and qualify for a prize, and it’s free to participate! Prizes will be given for the fastest time using each cutter system.

In many cases, the displays in the ‘Zone will be interactive with the audience. Hands-on demonstrations, combined with the technical displays, will bring an educational opportunity to attendees that will be more in-line with real world trenchless applications and solutions. Emphasis will again be on water and wastewater including lining and replacement pipe technologies, as well as additional emphasis on water technologies and manhole rehabilitation techniques. 

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